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    Pontem Inc.

    payment and loan Gateway for cryptocurrencies.


    Our investors took the step of buying 50,000 PNM token as a starter, we have 200,000 tokens available for crowdsale.

    1 PNM Token = $50, Buy before March 2019 to get %10 Bonus, with 2% bonus for referrals.


    The aim is to have multiple crypto platforms, where each user has access to payment options using any crypto currency of their choice. Point of sale(POS), ATM, Online platforms, Inter bank exchange, Credit/debit cards and lastly, give users access to loans with flexible rates.


    We are going live as soon as we hit our hard cap, which we estimate to be around the second or third quater of this year. PNM token will be available on 3 to 5 cryptocurrency exchanges, which will be announced as soon as we hit 80% target mark.


    200,000 PNM Available

    Purchased : $2,500,000          Hard Cap: $12,500,000


  • About Us

    We are Pontem Inc.

    The word Pontem, is the greek word for Bridge. As the word says, we serve as a bridge between payment systems and users. We offer Loan servicing, crypto to cash, cryto to bank and as payment gateway for organizations.

    Our Parent company started in 2012 serving as payment gateways for numerous stores and organisations around europe. We have experience, good customer base and a handful of investors.
    The team currently works with Casinos, stores, real estate firms, e-commerce sites in 11 countries, credit card companies and banks.
    As we all know, United Arab Emirates is a Major Hub for shopping and tourism, integration on payment gateways started last year for stores and banks ranging from POS, ATMs, Debit cards and payment via our app.

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    Bastion Tower, levels 18 & 19 5 Place du Champ de Mars

    B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

    Number: +32460206178